Spiros Behind The Scenes at The Blues

28th April 2016By SpirosLatest News, News, Professional No Comments

In April, we jumped into some hospitality catering at the rugby for Blues v Dragons, and conjured up a Spiros feast worthy of Sam Warburton himself. The atmosphere, as always, was electric – there’s nothing quite like hospitality catering, especially at the rugby! It takes quite a few components to cater for such a large crowd, but … Read More

How To Peel Garlic The Easy Way

20th April 2016By SpirosLatest News, News No Comments

If you’re looking to improve your skills in the kitchen, try this easy cooking trick from Stuart and learn how to peel garlic quickly and effectively. Gone are the days of garlicky fingers with our easy-peel ‘how to peel garlic’ video! With our Tips From The Top, you can cut out the mess to peel and … Read More

How To Cook Pistachio Souffles

18th April 2016By SpirosLatest News, News No Comments

If you’re looking for something a little bit special to make in the kitchen, learn how to cook it with Spiros’ top chefs – this week, it’s pistachio souffles! Now, how to cook pistachio souffles may not be the first thing on your ‘to cook’ list, but it’s different and definitely unusual. With our cooking masterclass … Read More

Maserati, Cathedral 73… and us!

14th March 2016By SpirosLatest News, News No Comments

Recently, we catered for Maserati, the luxury car brand, over a few days at one of our newest venues, Cathedral 73. We were tasked with creating an exclusive menu and dining experience for one of the most well-loved brands in the world – Maserati. On the 11th-13th March, they held a ‘journalist day’ where private dining … Read More