How to plan a castle wedding in Wales

Every month, we plan, cater for, and help to host weddings in a number of the country’s most romantic historical venues – many of them castles, turning every dream day into your own Royal Wedding.

Now, we’ve sharing our advice for planning the perfect castle wedding in Wales…

With more castles per square mile than any other country in Europe, you can have a wedding fit for an actual king and queen! So, if you’re hoping for grandiose charm and splendour, look no further.

Check out our top tips below on how to plan the perfect castle wedding in Wales, from the food to the flowers.


The Venue

There are plenty of historic estate and castle venues in Wales to choose from, each with their own unique stories and history.

Starting local – Caerphilly Castle is the second largest castle in Britain and one of the most well preserved castles in the medieval Western world. You can dine in the castle’s dramatic Grand Hall or start your ‘happily ever after’ wandering around its 30 acres of land and gazing out over its classic moat.

If an ivy-covered 12th century castle with Georgian interiors is more your cup of tea, then Fonmon Castle will be the perfect fit! The Grade I listed castle is nestled away in the Vale of Glamorgan and includes painting-adorned hallways, a number of decorative libraries and a spacious lawn (great for drinks or games).

Or you can have a venue without ‘castle’ in the name, which is still very much castle in nature. The picturesque Pencoed House Estate dates back to the early 15 century and legend says it was once the home of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere. It has a grand banquet hall, a bar with panoramic views of the woodlands and a mystical babbling brook.

If a castle wedding in Wales feels close but not quite right, there are still lots of historic venues to choose from that don’t have castle status but do have vintage charm – venues like Cornerstone Cardiff, Gileston Manor and Cottrell Park.

The Theme

Now you have your setting, it’s time to think themes and there are plenty of ideas that go great with an epic castle setting.

You can opt for a very literal interpretation with a royal theme – with red and gold colour schemes, crowns (on your head or as quaint decorations such as tea-light holders) and a dress train as long as you can make it.

If you’re leaning towards a more fairytale feel for your wedding day, then you need to think about what type of fairytale aesthetic you want. Are you wanting more Mabinogion mystique (with Welsh love spoons, Celtic jewellery and earthy tones) or Disney romance (with bright colours, big gowns and cutsie wedding favours)?

Or do you want something completely different with a steampunk theme? Think rustic-meets-rust decor and gear-clad vintage outfits.

Seasonal themes can also work really well at a castle wedding – with a beautiful old building adding a traditional festive feel to any Winter wedding or a spooky flair to any Halloween themed celebrations.

You can always draw from the inspiration of the castle venue you have chosen, but do remember it’s your big day and you can embrace any theme your heart desires!


The Decor & Flowers

Armed with a venue and a theme, choosing your flowers and decorations should be much easier.

A colour palette can be an easy way to start and can help to make sure all the different elements of your wedding flow together. Pinterest can be a great place to get ideas for this and it can help you decide if you want one core colour or the whole rainbow!

Sticking to seasonal flowers can usually save you money and if you already know the type of dress / lipstick / shoes you want to wear on your wedding day, you can also take this to your florist and ask them to make everything match.

Centrepieces don’t have to be just flowers and calligraphy either. Things like musical instruments, vintage bird cages, books and wellies can all make great decorations for your wedding tables.

Wedding Canapés at Pencoed House Estate

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The Food

A well fed wedding guest makes for a happy wedding guest! Getting the right food for your big day can be a bit tricky, but your chosen venue can help inspire your menu.

If you’re having a castle wedding in Wales, then a lavish Welsh banquet (with cawl, roast lamb and local cheeses) feels like the perfect choice. Or you could go for an elegant afternoon tea if you’re looking for something more regal.

For more inspiration, have a read of our article on how to choose the perfect fairytale wedding menu.

The Photos

You can’t really get a more dramatic and romantic backdrop than a real life castle, but with the grounds of many castle venues stretching over several acres, knowing the best spots to pose can be a task.

There are a few different ways you can make sure you get the photos you want. You can:

– Take notes every time you visit the venue before the big day
– Browse Instagram looking for eye-catching wedding images that were taken at your chosen castle
– Ask the venue to recommend a photographer they have worked with before

Think we’ve missed anything out?

If you’ve been to a castle wedding or you’re in the middle of planning yours, let us know in the comments below!

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