Save yourself the hassle of making several different meals at your next dinner party and opt for creating a 100% vegan fine dining experience…

Planning what to make for a dinner party is a tricky balance. You need recipes that look stunning but are easy to make, don’t include ingredients that are impossible to get, and that also taste amazing.

Throw in the fact that your guests might have different diets – from vegans to ‘must-eat-bacon’ kind of people – and you might find yourself making three times as many versions of each course than you planned.

Sometimes simplicity is best – that’s why we’ve rounded up the best fully vegan fine dining recipes (below), so you can create a dinner that all guests can enjoy!


Beetroot Gazpacho

Beetroot Gazpacho

Cool and fresh – gazpacho is a classic start to any dinner party. This beetroot version is a great chilled soup to have in the summer, as that’s when beetroots are in season, but its stunning colour looks great any time of the year.

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Vegan Pate
(Photo: Lauren Caris Cooks)

Mixed Vegetable Pate

Pate is a great option for an appetiser and can be made from all sorts of vegan ingredients such as mushrooms, beans and lentils. This recipe uses a mix of chickpeas, vegetables and sundried tomatoes.

Serve with some freshly baked bread, such as an olive and sundried tomato loaf, or freshly bought bread if you don’t have time to make your own.

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Asparagus Salad

Pan-roasted asparagus salad

Nothing kicks off a dinner party quite like a salad, but how do you up the ante and make sure your salad looks and tastes ‘fine dining’? Opt for some pan-roasted asparagus that you can position artistically to show off its charred chicness.

This particular recipe makes the most of summery ingredients such as asparagus and wild garlic, with the white beans hummus providing a subtle support to the main flavours.

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Beetroot Tarts

Beetroot tarts (with vegan cream cheese)

Tasty hot or cold, these beetroot tarts are a great option if you have any Instagram-loving foodies on your dinner party guestlist. They are also easier to make than it looks!

The ‘ricotta cheese’ is made out of cashew nuts, but give the same cheesy edge to these deliciously sharp tarts.

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Pumpkin Ravioli

Pumpkin ravioli with vegan ricotta

Even more vegan cheese! This recipe makes the most of the more autumnal ingredient of pumpkin, which adds a nice sweetness to the cheese.

Ravioli is famously tricky to make, but you will win a lot of fine dining finesse points from your friends if you can pull it off. Plus this recipe is gluten free, so everyone can enjoy it!

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Chocolate Ganache Torte

Vegan chocolate ganache torte

Vegan desserts can be so much more than just a fruit salad, and this chocolate ganache torte is probably the prettiest vegan dessert to ever exist.

Ganache is usually made with cream, but this recipe uses canned coconut milk instead. The coconut milk has similar qualities to cream, so keeping that unique silky ganache texture, and doesn’t have an overpowering flavour once mixed with dark chocolate (so it tastes more like cream than coconut).

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Vegan ‘cheese’ platter

Not a sweet tooth? Dessert doesn’t have to be all chocolate and meringue; you can go for a classic cheese board instead (or simply have both)! Dress the board correctly and it will look as fine dining as any other dish.

This recipe brings all the colours to the board; with almond feta cheese, beetroot hummus and chilli jam all laid out and ready to eat.

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