Christmas Sprouts Recipe - Sprouts & Pancetta From Spiros

If you need to convince your guests that sprouts really are tasty, look no further than our sprouts & pancetta.

This Christmas sprouts recipe mixes in beautifully-cured meat to give a smoky, caramelised flavour that everyone will love.

For too long, sprouts have been the target of dislike – typically, ‘the one thing I don’t like about Christmas dinner’.

We think it’s all about creativity! With our new, pancetta-infused Christmas sprouts recipe, veggies become that little bit more enticing.

Plus, once prepped, you can make our sprouts & pancetta in around 10 minutes – a welcome break in the usual Christmas day panic!

Want to try it? Watch our video below ⬇️


– A kilo of peeled fresh sprouts
– 1 cup of diced pancetta
– Olive oil
– Cracked black pepper
– Parmesan cheese


– Saucepan
– Frying pan
– Large spoon
– Dining bowl
– Cheese grater


#1 Once peeled and crossed, put your sprouts into a large saucepan of boiling water (continue with the other steps & leave the sprouts for about 8 minutes).

#2 Pour your diced pancetta into a saucepan with a dash of olive oil. Heat up the pan.

#3 As the pancetta cooks, toss and stir it in the pan until they get a light colour to them. Sprinkle in some cracked black pepper for extra flavour.

#4 Spoon out a large handful of sprouts and place them into the dining bowl.

#5 Pour heaped spoonfuls of the pancetta into the bowl of sprouts.

#6 Sprinkle one more dash of black pepper into the bowl.

#7 Grate or sprinkle your parmesan into the bowl.

#8 Dig in and enjoy!

Still feeling creative?

For your leftover sprouts, you can make another fun Christmas dinner accompaniment! Using bamboo skewers and balsamic vinegar, create a sprout brochette for guests to nibble at while they wait for the gravy.

Take your Christmas food presentation up a level. Watch our video below ⬇️

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