Sometimes, you don’t need a good reason to drool at a computer screen over photos of desserts…

Melted chocolate, sticky butterscotch, crushed almonds, fluffy meringue, platters of desserts that never seem to end – our eyes are getting bigger just thinking about it.

To spread the joy of a great dessert, we’re sharing 10 gorgeous desserts that make us want to quit everything and sit around eating chocolate in our pyjamas. Call it #foodenvy or #foodinspo – we just like looking at sweet things (although eating them is better).


#1 Trio of cheesecakes

Vanilla VS chocolate, with a raspberry sweetener and a chocolate wand to sharpen the senses. Mmmm.

10 Desserts to Give You #FoodEnvy - Trio of Cheesecakes


#2 Sticky toffee pudding

A caramel glaze so shiny you could use it as a mirror! Plus, one of your 5 a day on the plate – perfect.

10 Desserts to Give You #FoodEnvy - Sticky Toffee Pudding


#3 Vanilla cheesecake with mini profiteroles

Little pastry bubbles of chocolate and cream atop a smoother than smooth cheesecake. Yes please.

10 Desserts to Give You #FoodEnvy - Cheesecake and Mini Profiteroles


#4 English trifle & scones for Afternoon Tea

The classics are often the best! English trifle with custard, cream, jelly, raspberries, and a light fluffy scone.

10 Desserts to Give You #FoodEnvy - English Trifle and Scones


#5 Chocolate torte

A block of chocolate beneath a dollop of chocolate, both scattered with drops of chocolate. And a raspberry for good luck!

10 Desserts to Give You #FoodEnvy - Chocolate Torte


#6 Spiros lemon tart

A base so good even Paul Hollywood couldn’t pick fault. Raspberries & lemon unite!

10 Desserts to Give You #FoodEnvy - Spiros Lemon Tart


#7 Chocolate praline with chocolate moulding & flakes

We believe all good desserts should come with a chocolate ‘S’ for Spiros, but Masterchef just won’t return our calls…

10 Desserts to Give You #FoodEnvy - Chocolate Praline


#8 Pineapple slices with a chilli kick

Tropical and exotic and healthy – the three amigos needed for a perfect dessert!

10 Desserts to Give You #FoodEnvy - Pineapple Slices and Chilli


#9 Spiros martini trifle

The children’s party classic, served grownup-style in a martini glass! For when you want to feel fancy.

10 Desserts to Give You #FoodEnvy - Spiros Martini Trifle


#10 Trio of desserts – lemon panna cotta, Eton mess, chocolate brownie

Desserts in a shot glass make it even quicker (and messier) to eat. That’s the Spiros style!

10 Desserts to Give You #FoodEnvy - Trio of Desserts, Lemon Panna Cotta, Eton Mess, Chocolate Brownie

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