When we work with a bridal couple, we’re always on hand to answer any questions and put their minds at ease.

Now, after 30 years of catering for & helping plan weddings, we notice the same wedding FAQs arising time and time again.

We want couples planning their wedding to feel relaxed and taken care of – we’re here to take away the stress, after all!

So, we’ve put together our top 10 wedding FAQs (with the answers, of course) so you can get all the information you need in one go, from one place, leaving you more time to choose the flowers, dress, cake, decorations, and more!

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#1 Do we have to have the same food for everyone?

For a formal sit down dinner, yes. Otherwise, service can take time and costs could escalate as we’d have to carry more food.

However, we always cater for dietary requirements, no matter how complex. Plus, our wide range of menus mean there’s something that everyone will love!



#2 Shall we just have chicken because everyone likes it?

Not at all – have what you want!

There was once a time when it felt like the choices were chicken, salmon, and pretty much nothing else. Luckily, people are much more adventurous with food now.

We serve a huge range of choices, from traditional Welsh food, to barbecues, carveries, gourmet steaks and more, but we’re also totally open to the idea of creating something new. You really can be as creative as you like!



#3 Do you have a health & safety license?

We’re fully covered and insured for everything so you can rest easy knowing it’s all in hand.


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#4 Can we have the speeches before the meal?

Of course! It’s your day after all. We like to think that one of our USPs is being able to tailor-make your day for you – we’re never just limited to the food. We can be as involved in the planning as you like.



#5 Do you offer a wedding tasting?

We offer wedding tastings once a month where you enjoy canapés & Prosecco on arrival. During the tasting, you select 2 starters, main courses & desserts per couple and have wine with the meal (naturally!). The tasting costs £60 per couple – get in touch to book your place!


Spiros - top 10 wedding FAQs when planning a wedding

#6 Is there a children’s menu?

We can definitely do some ‘children’s menu’ classics – chicken nuggets, sausages, chips etc. Or children can have a smaller version of the adults’ meal – whatever you’d prefer.


Spiros - top 10 wedding FAQs when planning a wedding

#7 Do the catering staff wear a uniform?

All our staff wear the Spiros uniform, which is made up of black trousers and a white work shirt, with the Spiros tie & apron.


Spiros - top 10 wedding FAQs when planning a wedding

#8 Do we provide printed menus? Will we put out the placards?

You can provide your own menus if you like, or we have our own menus that we can print for you. We will print out any placards, favours or decorations that you wish.


Rosedew Farm wedding, photographed by Sacha Miller(Photo credit: Sacha Miller)

#9 My parents are divorced – I’m not sure what to do with the seating plan!?

There are a couple of options for tricky situations like this! You could have a top table with just the bridesmaids & best man, and the parents sit elsewhere with family. Or, split the top table up so they don’t have to sit next to one another. Alternatively, you could have a small top table with just the bride & groom.



#10 Do we have to have a formal sit down meal? We’d prefer it to be relaxed.

No, it doesn’t have to be formal at all! It’s your day – we go with what you want.

As bespoke caterers we can make it as formal or as informal as you like. Some people choose to have lots of canapés or bowl food so people are milling about. You could have hot food served from a buffet station or, if it’s a summer wedding, a BBQ is always a popular option, while some couples choose Afternoon Tea for that elegant touch.

There is a huge wealth of options for wedding catering, but it’s your day, your rules – we’re there to make it special!

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We hope you found our top 10 wedding FAQs helpful! If you’ve still got questions, feel free to contact us.

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  • Hello,
    Just looking at your wedding menu’s including the breakfast and the evening food. I can’t see any vegan options, do you have many at all as we are looking to cater a whole vegan wedding.
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