If you got engaged recently, then congratulations!

You’re probably already thinking about the million things you need to organise, but get some unique wedding food ideas sorted and you can breathe an early sigh of relief.

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As fine dining caterers and venue managers with over 30 years’ experience in the South Wales wedding scene, we’re like the personal assistant & organiser you didn’t know you needed. Every year, for many weddings, we help ‘guide the bride’ through the delicate process of organising the day. From the menu to the venue, you can keep things classic and traditional or turn to something more unique; whatever you want, we’ll make happen.

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Our personal chef wedding service provides the ultimate in cuisine. Opting for a personal chef enables you to go ‘off-menu’ and to create cuisine as avant-garde and bespoke as you like. A seafood extravaganza, a ‘cheffy’ nouvelle cuisine tableau, fish and chips in newspaper with champagne, or even the most extreme gastronomy – if you can think it, we can make it!

So, to help you at the beginning of your wedding planning journey, we’ve collected some of our favourite unique wedding food ideas for inspiration.

Want to chat about your menu styles or dinner ideas? Feel free to get in touch.

(Although the recipes below are not ours, our restaurant-level chefs are creative and up for a challenge – it’s likely that our menus already offer something very similar, or we can recreate food items & menu styles to however you’d like them).


Mini Burgers - 15 Unique Wedding Food Ideas by Spiros

Mini burgers

However unique your main course is, you can still deliver everyone’s favourite with these mini burger canapés.

See the recipe


Spinach and Feta Filo Fingers - 15 Unique Wedding Food Ideas by Spiros

Spinach and feta filo fingers

Light bites that aren’t too heavy on the stomach, and make your guests feel at least a little healthy.

See the recipe


Red Potatoes and Caviar - 15 Unique Wedding Food Ideas by Spiros

Red potatoes with sour cream and caviar

An oriental style presentation turns potatoes into something special.

See the recipe


Cheese on Toast Welsh Rarebit - 15 Unique Wedding Food Ideas by Spiros

Caerphilly and cider Welsh rarebit

Welsh couple with a Welsh wedding? What else but Welsh rarebit! A childhood favourite using locally-sourced food that every guest will enjoy.

See the recipe


Steamed Pork Hirata Buns - 15 Unique Wedding Food Ideas by Spiros

Steamed pork Hirata buns

Pulled pork has had its moment; turn the ‘twist’ to the bread with these Japanese-style Hirata buns.

See the recipe


Surf and Turf - 15 Unique Wedding Food Ideas by Spiros

Surf and turf

A meaty classic to soak up the alcohol and keep your guests level-headed…!

See the recipe


Thai Meatballs - 15 Unique Wedding Food Ideas by Spiros

Thai style pork meatballs

Adding a cultural delicacy or a foreign theme to your food seems risky, but get the recipe right and it’s gold.

See the recipe


Mont Blanc Dessert - 15 Unique Wedding Food Ideas by Spiros

Mini Mont Blanc dessert

Instagram-ready desserts; that’s all a wedding guest wants. Helps that it’s delicious!

See the recipe


Oreo Cheesecake - 15 Unique Wedding Food Ideas by Spiros

Mini cookies and cream cheesecakes

It’s cheesecake, but not as you know it. Oreo atop an even bigger Oreo.

See the recipe


Coconut Lime Cupcakes - 15 Unique Wedding Food Ideas by Spiros

Coconut lime cupcakes

A light and airy dessert with a fresh tang of flavour – perfect for a summer wedding.

See the recipe


Glitter Donuts - 15 Unique Wedding Food Ideas by Spiros

Glitter / sprinkled / fruit-dotted donuts

Every future bride who attends as a guest at your wedding will want to copy this…

See the recipe


Flower Cocktail - 15 Unique Wedding Food Ideas by Spiros

Lillet rose spring cocktail

Cocktails are often forgotten, but they can add an edge of sophistication and creativity to any wedding.

See the recipe


Cookies and Milk - 15 Unique Wedding Food Ideas by Spiros

Cookies & milk

A unique, alternative take on the classic ‘wedding drink’ with cookies and milk.

Read the article


Vintage Coke and Fries - 15 Unique Wedding Food Ideas by Spiros

Vintage coke & fries wedding favour

Edible wedding favours that serve a useful purpose AND look cool – for unique wedding food ideas, this wins.

Read the article


Macaroon Box - 15 Unique Wedding Food Ideas by Spiros

Macaroon box wedding favour

Even more edible wedding favours with dusky pink macaroons in keepsake boxes.

Read the article


Have we missed out any of your favourite unique wedding food ideas? Let us know!

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