When searching for the perfect venue it can be difficult to find a place that has a strong sense of history and grandeur without it looking a bit worse for wear – thankfully Wales is blessed with a number of beautiful venues that find the perfect balance.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, fundraiser or a birthday party the setting can be very important. A good venue can mean stunning photos, impressed guests and great memories.

Finding a good-looking venue that has the a unique sense of personality but doesn’t have crumbling walls and mouldy corners can be easier said than done. What you need is a place that has its history but that has also been looked after during that time. That’s why we’ve put together our guide of the best renovated venues in Wales…

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The Barn at Brynich

The Barn at Brynich

With cartwheel chandeliers, an apple orchard and an open fire, The Barn at Brynich has rustic charm right at the front and centre. The Grade II listed barn dates back to the 17th century and boasts stunning views of the famous Brecon Beacons National Park.

Brynich has been run by the Jones family since the 60s and there is no doubt that they’ve put a lot of work into renovating the barn. Its flagstone floor, original beams and traditional oak doors (made and fitted with handmade ironmongery) earned it number one place in WalesOnline’s list of Wales’ Most Beautiful Barn Venues.

Penarth Pier Pavilion

Penarth Pier

Having opened in 1898, this victorian era pier certainly has a lot of history. It’s seen countless ballroom dances, hosted Olympic gymnasts and survived through two World Wars. In 1930 the spectacular Art Deco pavilion was built and, over the decades, has housed everything from dance halls and cinemas to snooker halls and nightclubs. After years of wear and tear the pavilion opened its doors again in 2013, after a stunning renovation.

Retaining its iconic original design the multi-million pound restoration kept the beauty and history of building whilst also making it a fully accessible, multi-functional venue. It now contains a gallery, an auditorium, a community cinema, a bar, a cafe and a restaurant with stunning views of the water.

The pier was voted Pier of the Year by the National Piers Society in 2014 and it’s even made an appearance in Torchwood.


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See even more of Wales’ best renovated venues

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