In April, we jumped into some hospitality catering at the rugby for Blues v Dragons, and conjured up a Spiros feast worthy of Sam Warburton himself.

The atmosphere, as always, was electric – there’s nothing quite like hospitality catering, especially at the rugby!

It takes quite a few components to cater for such a large crowd, but just how many different things does it take?

We served…

36 hospitality boxes

100+ players and staff


7 chefs

6 front of house managers

50 catering and bar staff

For a final result of…

1,000 meals from Spiros

and Blues 28 – 8 Dragons!

Watch our ‘behind the scenes’ video of the event below to see what hospitality catering for 1,000 people really looks like…

As always, catering for Cardiff Blues was a pleasure. Getting to watch them win was just an extra bonus!

We love catering for hospitality and corporate events. If you have something in mind for us, please get in touch.

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