Friday 1st June @ Cornerstone

Stephen Terry & The Hardwick Pop Up Event, 7pm

To continue our series of pop up foodie events, we're welcoming back the fantastic Stephen Terry from his incredible restaurant, The Hardwick, to come & cook at Cornerstone.

With a penchant for unfussy, flavourful food, Stephen & the Spiros chefs will be putting on a four course meal for guests to enjoy in the luxury of our home venue.

The menu

Using only the finest locally-sourced ingredients from Wales & the Herefordshire border, our Pop Up menu is rich in flavour and finesse.

True to Stephen Terry's signature style, the menu is unfussy and to the point - you won't find any 'nestling in' or 'resting on a bed of' here.

See for yourself - view the full menu.

Stephen Terry and The Hardwick - pop up event at Cornerstone Cardiff - menu

The Hardwick deserves its acclaim. It's 'get stuck in' food that has you leaning back in your chair replete and at one with the world.

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To get your hands on some tickets for our 1st June Pop Up event, just give us a call and we'll arrange your booking over the phone.

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Cornerstone is getting a great reputation and Spiros is the top caterer in Cardiff - so with his experience and facilities, we're all happy!

Stephen Terry

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