To celebrate Mums this Mother’s Day, we asked some of our team to share their favourite dessert recipes passed down by Mum herself.

There’s nothing better than asking “What’s for dessert, Mum?” and being told it’s one of your favourites!

This Mother’s Day, why not turn the tables & bake something for her instead?

These 3 Mother’s Day recipes for delicious desserts make the perfect after-dinner accompaniment – and if you don’t fancy the baking or washing-up, why not treat Mum to luxury Afternoon Tea at The Pantry?

With 3 experiences to choose from, just pick your date and get in touch to book.

Plum crumble - Mother's Day recipe


In the garden where I grew up in Yorkshire, we had a Victoria plum tree, which produced an abundance of delicious juicy plums.

To stop the local kids scrumping our plums, my Mum made a deal with them that if they left it alone, she would send a bag of plums to their house.

Each year, we’d harvest and distribute the plums in Morrisons plastic bags – a full bag each family and then we would gorge on the rest!

My Mum made plum jam, plum pies, stewed plums, until we would scream NO MORE PLUMS!

But, looking back, if I had to choose a favourite out of my Mother’s Day recipes – it’d be plum crumble.


– Plums – destoned and roughly chopped (enough to fill your oven proof dish)
– Sprinkling of sugar
– 8oz plain flour
– 4oz butter
– 4oz Demerara sugar


– Preheat your oven to 180C
– Rub the butter in the flour until it becomes bread crumbs
– Stir in the sugar
– Sprinkle mixture over the plums
– Bake for 45-50 mins or until golden brown on top
– Serve with custard (Birds Custard, of course!)

Flapjack - Mother's Day recipes


My favourite of all my Mother’s Day recipes from Mummy Osborn would have to be her flapjacks. I have such strong memories of coming home from school and smelling the syrup and oats as I walked through the door.

In fact, whenever I’m going back home to visit, I ring and ask her to make them in advance!


– 6oz butter
– 1tbsp golden syrup
– 4oz Demerara sugar
– 8oz oats


– Melt butter, syrup and sugar in a pan
– Stir in oats
– Spread into a tin and cook at 160C for 20 minutes
– Leave out to cool, cut into squares whilst still warm

Swiss roll - Mother's Day recipe


From my childhood memories, I remember making Swiss rolls with my mum and putting whichever jam you wanted in there!

These are always a great addition to Afternoon Tea.

As there are so many Swiss Roll recipes out there, and so many ways to make yours unique, we’ve picked a popular one from chef James Martin!

Try the recipe

Ideas for a fun Mother's Day 2017 in Cardiff

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