Priodas Pum Mil - Spiros £5,000 wedding

We love showing off our wonderful bridal couples – this time, S4C helped us do it on screen!

Their show ‘Priodas Pum Mil’ (‘£5000 Wedding’) took on the challenge of planning a £5,000 Spiros wedding for lovely couple Shelly and Viccie – but could they pull it off?

Shelly & Viccie chatting to S4C hosts about their Spiros wedding

Trystan Ellis-Morris and Emma Walford, hosts of S4C’s wedding planning show, were given the task of organising the a romantic ‘Disney princess meets Jessica Rabbit’ Spiros wedding for the couple from Cardiff & the Valleys.

Taking care of the planning & all of its stress is something we love to do. As Shelly says herself, “We thought it would be absolutely amazing for someone else to try and bring our dream to life.”

Shelly & Viccie chatting to S4C hosts about their Spiros wedding

With a budget of just £5,000, Emma travelled to the stunning Canada Lodge and Lake to chat through the cash and drive a hard bargain…

Next, Emma & Trystan popped over to our home venue Cornerstone for a private menu tasting with our Chef Lewys to talk all things food!

Aside from asking for ‘shoo’ rather than ‘jus’, we think they rather liked it!

S4C taste Spiros wedding food

You can see if they managed to plan the couple’s dream day by watching the programme here on S4C’s catch-up service.

If you’re not a Welsh speaker then don’t worry! You can watch the show with English subtitles by clicking the little button in the bottom right corner of the media player.

Watch now

Priodas Pum Mil - Spiros £5,000 wedding

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