3 easy Christmas leftover recipes - Food ideas from Spiros

This year, save your pennies – and your scraps – with these 3 easy Christmas leftover recipes that’ll keep your festive feasts going…

The last mouthful of Christmas dinner is often a sad affair. No more pigs in blankets! The last of the stuffing and gravy!

In the Spiros household, it’s too awful a thought to contemplate – waiting 365 days for the next one?!

That’s why, every year, we thank our lucky festive stars for gorgeous Christmas leftovers.

Whether we go traditional, with bubble and squeak, or rustic and hearty with a crowd-pleasing pie, we make sure no food goes to waste.

So we’re sharing 3 of our favourite festive leftover recipes to inspire you in your Christmas cooking pursuits. Bon appétit!

Photo: Tesco

#1 Bubble & squeak with cold meats & pickles

Arguably the most popular Christmas leftovers recipe, bubble & squeak (or fry up, or rumbledethumps, or whatever your family calls it) is essential to master if you don’t waste to waste your winter veg.

Of course, you can be as flexible as you like! Some families make their dish loosely, while others turn it into rosti, or a kind of savoury cake. Like this recipe, you can add a poached egg for extra richness, or just mix in plenty of HP sauce (our top tip!).

We recommend serving with pickles and cold meats for a buffet-style dinner you can pick at throughout the day and you need to push a plate into their hands.

Bubble & squeak recipe

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#2 Turkey & ham pie

The perfect meal for being a sofa sloth on Boxing Day (well – all the way up to New Year’s, really!).

Serve your slab of turkey and ham pie with mash, gravy, and winter greens, or by itself when you’re feeling too lazy to do anything else…

It also works as a fabulous crowd-pleaser if guests drop in after Christmas day.

Turkey & ham pie recipe

Christmas leftover recipes - turkey curry
Photo: TamingTwins

#3 Turkey curry

If the name of this dish conjures up visions of Bridget Jones and uncomfortable Christmas jumpers, fear not – this turkey curry recipe from Sainsbury’s keeps things simple and easy.

Not too heavy, not too hot, but a great way to spice up your usual festive feast.

Turkey curry recipe

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