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If you’re the kind of bridal couple wanting atmospheric vibes rich with history, look no further – ancient folklore treads the wooden floorboards of these gorgeous historic venues.

Why get hitched in Hawaii when you could host your very own Halloween ball? Why not be a princess with her very own pumpkin? 🎃

These castles, piers, and estates are perfect for weddings and couples with character.

Disclaimer: we can’t promise ghosts – but we can’t promise there aren’t any, either…!

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#1 Pencoed House Estate

Pencoed House Estate is a venue steeped in ancient history and folklore, and can count itself as one of the oldest properties in Glamorgan.

Although the estate is thought to have been built in the early fifteenth-century by Jevan ap David, its past can be traced back over half a millennium (some tales suggest it’s even older).

Haunted wedding venues in Cardiff - Pencoed House
Halloween wedding at Pencoed House Estate in October 2016

In this time, the venue has played host to a Member of Parliament, Sheriffs of the County and descendants of a King of Glamorgan. There are legends that also suggest that it was once the residence of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere.

More whispered rumours exist of the Black Prince once hiding his wife for 4 months in one of the tunnels linked to Pencoed – could this be true?

Haunted wedding venues in Cardiff - Pencoed House

Halloween wedding at Pencoed House Estate in October 2016

All this history – plus its original cobbled stone walls with torch brackets – give Pencoed House Estate an air of centuries-old mystery.

The photos above and below are from a Halloween wedding in 2016, where romance collided with history; almost like stepping back in time.

Haunted wedding venues in Cardiff - Pencoed House
Halloween wedding at Pencoed House Estate in October 2016

With its idyllic grounds, beautiful buildings and majestic archways, it doesn’t take a lot to imagine medieval monarchs strolling around an estate so rich in history. Could we still spot them now?

Haunted wedding venues in Cardiff - Pencoed House
Halloween wedding at Pencoed House Estate in October 2016


#2 Fonmon Castle

Built in 1180, the ancient Fonmon Castle isn’t just a popular wedding venue, but a throwback to the High Middle Ages in Wales.

Dynasties battled for power across the world while the first medieval universities were founded, and during this time, Fonmon Castle was built.

Fonmon Castle
The exterior of Fonmon Castle

Today, it’s seen as a ‘great architectural rarity’, as it was drastically remodelled during the 18th century but escaped being Gothicised – a hard feat to pull off. Now it towers in the Vale of Glamorgan, wrapped in green, gold, and russet ivy.

Fonmon Castle with Spiros Catering
Interior dining room at Fonmon Castle, where old meets new

Its interiors have been modernised without losing any of its historical charm. Old books may line the walls, but this is very much a usable and beautiful venue.

One of the 600 original castles in Wales and now one of the 100 still standing, Fonmon Castle transports you to a time long gone in Welsh history.

Weddings at Fonmon Castle
A wide shot view of the castle, lit up by the sun


#3 Penarth Pier Pavilion

The art deco Penarth Pier Pavilion is a versatile, multi-purpose space, used for cinema viewings, exhibitions, food and drink, and beautiful pier weddings.

Before it became the space it is today, the Victorian-era pier had a long and storied history. It opened in 1898 and instantly became a popular beach-going destination.

Historic wedding venues in Cardiff - Penarth Pier Pavilion
A shot of Penarth Pier Pavilion from 2012. Photo credit: Alice Turner

During World War 1, the pier was used as a military base, and the steamer trains – previously used for fun trips from the pier – were used for minesweeping.

The Art Deco pavilion was constructed in 1930, giving the pier the striking appearance it still has today. Unfortunately, tragedy struck in 1931 when a fire broke out in one of the pavilions. 800 people survived, but it cost £3,157 to rebuild the pavilion – this time in concrete, rather than wood.

Historic wedding venues in Cardiff - Penarth Pier Pavilion
Taken just a few hours before the 1931 fire. Photo credit: PenarthNews

Historic wedding venues in Cardiff - Penarth Pier Pavilion
A press clipping about the 1931 fire. Photo credit: PenarthNews

Until the start of World War II, the pier was used as a cinema, a concert hall, and then as the Marina Ballroom. Again, it was closed to the public and used by the military during the war.

Since then, bad luck has often fated the pier, with ships and steamers colliding into the pier, causing tens of thousands of pounds in damages.

Historic wedding venues in Cardiff - Penarth Pier Pavilion
Penarth beach & pier in around 1890-1900

Now, though, the ‘curse’ has been lifted! In 2014, the Pier was awarded ‘Pier of the Year’ by the National Piers Society, and thrives as a community space hosting everything from weddings to a scenic cup of tea on the water.

Penarth Pier Pavilion in 2013 against a stormy backdrop. Photo credit: Ben Salter


#4 Caerphilly Castle

Caerphilly Castle is an awe-inspiring figurehead of Welsh history. The second largest castle in Britain (second only to Windsor), and with a tower that leans more than Pisa, Caerphilly Castle is an icon in its own right.

The castle is one of the oldest surviving castles in the medieval Western world. Its construction began in 1268 by Gilbert ‘the Red’ de Clare, who also built the original Castell Coch.

Historic wedding venues in Cardiff - Caerphilly Castle
Caerphilly Castle, across one of its artificial lakes

Inside, original features from the castle’s beginnings can still be found.

The 14th century Great Hall still has carved medieval stone in the shape of heads today, possibly depicting the royal court in the 1320s.

Historic wedding venues in Cardiff - Caerphilly Castle
The interior of the Great Hall at Christmas time

Its history is rich and full of tales – this Halloween, you can even follow the footsteps of the Green Lady in a ghost tour around the castle.

The Green Lady, for those who don’t know, is a ghost with a wonderfully dramatic story from the castle’s early years.

Now you can get married within the same walls as spectres and age-old fables that haunt the grounds. We’re pleased to say we haven’t yet noticed anything too weird happening in the kitchens!

Historic wedding venues in Cardiff - Caerphilly Castle


G0 on – if you had to choose any of these to host your nuptials, which would you pick?

If you ask us, any of these historic wedding venues in Cardiff make a frighteningly good Halloween location for your big day.

Even without pumpkins and cobwebs, these grand old venues add backstory and classic antiquity to any event.

We’re proud to be the selected caterers for such fabled places from Wales’ history. Want to know more?

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