Try these twelve Christmas recipes this year for a sparkling season of festive food…

It’s time for Christmas recipes at last! Amongst the television advert wars and the seasonal Welsh weather, it’s easy to forget the most important thing this time of year: really, really good food.

Whether you’re planning a family party or a quiet Christmas around the table, you can make one of these Christmas recipes to expand your kitchen cookbook and impress your friends and family with something brand new and deliciously festive.

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Our twelve days of Christmas cookbook begins with…

Party Canapé Recipes

Crab and avocado tortillas - Christmas recipes

Crab and avocado tortillas

Using avocado, 2016’s ‘it’ food, can feel daunting, but this easy-peasy recipe for Christmas party nibbles from Delicious Magazine takes only 35 minutes to make!

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Sticky Asian cocktail sausages food - Christmas recipes

Sticky Asian Cocktail Sausages

A staple of all Christmas parties, we’re all fed up with Tesco’s cocktail sausages by now – why not bring the fun to the party with an Asian-inspired glaze and flavour?

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Mushrooms canapés - Christmas recipes

Roasted mushrooms in a butter, garlic & thyme sauce

Even mushroom haters can’t pass on this one! This easy peasy 30 minute recipe adds vegetables to your usual nibbles platter and will have guests sneaking back to the table for more.

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Brioche centrepiece with baked camembert - Christmas recipes

Brioche centrepiece with baked camembert

A perfect dipping centrepiece and a fresh alternative to your fondue pot, this seasonal brioche centrepiece sits proudly in the middle of any buffet table.

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Dinner recipes

Jamie Oliver's turkey pie - Christmas recipes

Jamie Oliver’s leftover turkey pie

This year, add another level of cooking greatness to your roster with an old-school leftover turkey pie using homemade gravy and make the Christmas feeling last longer.

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Parmesan brussels sprouts - Christmas recipes

Jamie Oliver’s parmesan brussels sprouts

Convert your family into brussels sprouts’ biggest fans with this parmesan recipe – great for vegetarian options or as the added accompaniment to the main meal.

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Jamie Oliver's best turkey ever - Christmas recipes

The best christmas turkey in the world

If this is your first Christmas cooking in the kitchen – or maybe you’d like to try something new this year – a well-loved and highly-recommended turkey recipe can be a best friend in your hour of need.

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BBC Good Food posh sausage roll - Christmas recipes

Posh sausage roll

An entire meal in itself or a hearty addition to the table, this fairly quick posh sausage roll feeds 6-8 people and makes for great leftovers the next day too!

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Dessert recipes

Nigella's Rocky Road - Christmas recipes

Nigella’s Christmas Rocky Road

From the queen of Christmas do-it-yourself, this Nigella rocky road recipe is a festive twist on her Rocky Road Crunch Bars, with added amaretti, Brazil nuts, glacé cherries, mini marshmallows and edible glitter. They almost look too good to eat!

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Shortbread mince pies - Christmas recipes

Shortbread Mince Pies

If you noticed the sudden popularity of shortbread during 2016’s Great British Bake Off, you weren’t imagining it; the Scottish classic is making a comeback! Reinvent your traditional mince pie recipe with this shortbread version from Olive Magazine.

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Gingerbread pudding sticky toffee sauce - Christmas recipes

Gingerbread pudding with sticky toffee sauce

If the picture alone doesn’t sell it… This gingerbread pudding with a twist is temptation on a plate! Make this your focal centrepiece following dinner. It’s easy and serves 6!

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Gingerbread trifle - Christmas recipes

Gingerbread trifle

Let the kids get involved with the cooking this Christmas by making an easy-but-delicious gingerbread trifle. Works great as a show-stopper after the main meal.

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Want even more Christmas recipes with some extra decor ideas?

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